The Journey

The Sales Journey training method was designed to teach highly applicable and practical sales tactics that get immediate results. Sales Journey is a holistic training process that focuses on the fundamentals of sales skills development. The process is composed three segments: Context, Core Skills and Mindset.

Professional selling operates between marketing and customer service; the sales process needs to be consistent with the marketing message and resales and referrals need to be bolstered by customer service. Without context, sales efforts can be unfocused and inefficient.

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The Skills

Being excellent at sales is not about doing thousands of different things, it’s about doing a few things well, thousands of times. There are eight core sales skills:

1. Prospecting

2. Qualifying

3. Building Relationships

4. Discovering

5. Presenting

6. Answering Objections

7. Closing

8. Leveraging (Referrals/ Resales)

Sales Journey focuses on all eight critical skill areas and provides tactics that can be implemented and practiced immediately for meaningful results.

The Mindset

The most important discipline a sales professional can develop is a positive mindset. Making sales and getting rejected are part of the same process. Handling rejection and staying productive are more important than any other sales skill. There are simple methods to maintaining and practicing attitude maintenance that will help accelerate your sales results. These same mindset principles can also change your life.

Sales Journey training acknowledges that there is no destination, only an ongoing process of improvement: a Journey. As you elevate your skills and become more effective at sales, you will sell more, close larger customers and develop the confidence to go after bigger targets. Your journey continues and so do the rewards.

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Michael Tracy
Founder – Sales Journey

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