The Journey

The Sales Journey training method was designed to teach highly applicable and practical sales tactics that get immediate results. Sales Journey is a holistic training process that focuses on the fundamentals of sales skills development.  On your Sales Journey you will learn skillsets, toolsets and mindsets.

Skillsets are tactics and techniques you will learn and practice.  The more you take action andyou’re your skillsets the more effective and efficient you will become at reaching your sales goals.

Toolsets are sales assets you will develop, use and optimize.  These include your sales story, power statement, scripts, presentation, closing plan and prospect list.

Mindsets are attitudes of the mind.  As a proactive sales professional you will encounter resistance, rejection and failure.  Your difference maker will be your attitude and Sales Journey will teach you how to stay positive, motivated and productive regardless of your environment, the competition and negative people.

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The Skills

Being excellent at sales is not about doing thousands of different things, it’s about doing a few things well, thousands of times. There are eight core sales skills:

1. Prospecting

2. Qualifying

3. Building Relationships

4. Discovery

5. Presention

6. Answering Objections

7. Closing

8. Leveraging (Referrals/ Resales)

Sales Journey focuses on all eight critical skill areas and provides tactics that can be implemented and practiced immediately for meaningful results.

Michael Tracy
Founder – Sales Journey

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