Listen to what other people are saying…

Carmenza D.

Michael Tracy is a true leader in our San Diego community, and he has experience, knowledge, and credibility in business.

His workshop focused my already known definitions of what I do in business.  Working with him and hearing his recommendations, I was able to describe what I do for a living in a simple and concise sentence. \

It is powerful to attend a workshop where not only you learn new ideas, or are reminded of techniques you are no longer using, and you ought to, but you also have the opportunity to make concrete improvements to your line of work, your ways of connecting with people, your delegation procedures, the way you market or not market your services, etc.

This workshop is a must for everyone.  You start with the basics, and in turn, you find yourself digging deep into the whys of what you do, and the hows of moving forward, and making valuable tweaks into your business.

Michael is eager to support everyone in gaining more business, improving what is not working, making more of what’s really working!

Mark F.

Michael Tracy is a great coach and motivator. By taking Sales Journey, Michael helped me develop a much clearer plan for my sales process. I’m much more prepared for future success!

Tina B.

Before I met Michael I was struggling to get clients. I did not have a specific strategy. Once I went to the Sales Journey workshop I learned hands on techniques and steps to take to get where I wanted to go. Michael is clear on his techniques and makes it very easy to understand. His model is very practical and I look forward to working with him again.

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